It’s all about seduction…

Hello to all my followers and readers who have found my blog.

This time a have more then one outfit in this post and this comes out of one reason… I couldnt decide which of these amazing pieces i should use as first one because they are all amazing and look faboulous.

What you see in this post is just a sneak peek of the new sexy lingerie line of Dead Dollz by Kiddo Oh for the Mesh Project body.

If you ever thought about to buy this body… Buy it and also buy this awesome sexy items. Ok ok i know you all are curious what im talking about so i better shut up now and let you alone with the pictures i did and the facts.

DD Lingerie_006Diamond Delight in black

DD Lingerie_009DeLACEous in red

DD Lingerie_007Black Widow in black

DD Lingerie_008My Coquette in pink

And now its up to you ladies to decide what you would like to have to seduce the guys or gentleman what you want to have as surprise for the lady of your heart 😉


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