It’s all about seduction…

Hello to all my followers and readers who have found my blog.

This time a have more then one outfit in this post and this comes out of one reason… I couldnt decide which of these amazing pieces i should use as first one because they are all amazing and look faboulous.

What you see in this post is just a sneak peek of the new sexy lingerie line of Dead Dollz by Kiddo Oh for the Mesh Project body.

If you ever thought about to buy this body… Buy it and also buy this awesome sexy items. Ok ok i know you all are curious what im talking about so i better shut up now and let you alone with the pictures i did and the facts.

DD Lingerie_006Diamond Delight in black

DD Lingerie_009DeLACEous in red

DD Lingerie_007Black Widow in black

DD Lingerie_008My Coquette in pink

And now its up to you ladies to decide what you would like to have to seduce the guys or gentleman what you want to have as surprise for the lady of your heart 😉


Tats and Jeans….

Second post after my break. 😉 Actually I like it to blog again. I start with some smaller ones to try if my photographing skills are still good enough for it or if i need to take some lessons somewhere 😉 What i wanna sayis that all my pictures here are none edited and just come out of SL and i hope you like them in this way.

Okies enough words before here now the pictures and facts for this post about new tattoo and jewelry designs from E.A. Studios. The tattoos come as applier for the Mesh Project Body which i wear at the moment all time except for runway shows.

Here now the pictures and have fun and a great weekend…

Celtic Sword_001 Celtic Sword_002FACTS:

Jeans: The mesh project boutique – Jeans for the mesh body

Tattoo: E.A.Studio – Shadow Sword Celtic

Rings: E.A.Studio – Ring Eternity Silver & Gold

Hair: Lelutka – Neu in ItsNotGinger


Back… and this time for longer i hope

Hello my dears.

I’m back in business and i hope for longer now. Some weird and not that nice things happend but luckily everything is fine now.

Blogging needed to step back a bit but i wanna restart again now and I hope i still have your support 🙂

As everyone knows lots of things happend in SL lately and there are so many things which are worth to be shown. So we dont wanna waste more time and wanna start with cool stuff from The Mesh Project, 2Chez and E.A. Studio.

So here are the pictures and the facts for it 🙂

2Chez and E.A._001

2Chez and E.A._003FACTS:

Dr2Chez and E.A._002ess: 2Chez – Lilith White

Shoes: Faenzo – Ankle Strap Sandals White for The Mesh Project

Hair:    enVogue Hair – Vanessa Fitted

Tattoo: E.A. Studios – Geisha Japan

Rings:   E.A. Studios –  Liberty Silver Rings



The Mesh Project Deluxe Mesh Body + Hands and Feet

The Mesh Project Deja Skin

Shape by myself

Icon Eyes Feldgrau




Hello and welcome again on my blog. I know i was a bit lazy with blogging lately but i had so much other things to do and in mind that i needed to focus on these first. After 2 sucessfull events with The Collective now i have my head free to visit all these big events and markets which pop out in SL like mushrooms. Everywhere is really cute and amazing stuff and i think i will find some more for my blog.

For this post i found an such amazing dress from Loovus Dzevavor [LD]. I was at the SAVIAD fair and looked all these great stores but my focus was on LD cuz i have seen an amazing picture with my friend Absinth on it in an awesome black white yellow dress what i definately wanted to have. So i hoped there and yes its just awesome. i bought it and need to blog it to show it to you.

The mix of this black and white pattern in the front and the yellow back and collar is just great and fits very well. After i have bought this dress i wanted to style it with some more LD items. As Vikeejeah has just a little temporary store at the moment i looked in her marketplace ( and found there some cool hair and pumps witch fit great to the whole look. I love this items and im pretty sure more and more of them will be found in my closet soon 😉

Enough words for now here the pictures and hard facts for you all… and from me have a great day evening or night and big big hugs from me ❤

Loovus Dzevavor Reignboux Sorbet dress Lemon IceFacts

Dress: Loovus Dzevavor Reignbeux Sorbet Dress Lemmon Ice @ SAVIAD FAIR

Pumps: Loovus Dzevavor Missing You Pumps @ LD Marketplace

Hair: Loovus Dzevavor Lambert Rouge 4 with Hairbase @ LD Marketplace

Earrings: Je Sui Asymetrique black and white

Makeup: Mons black Eyeliner series 2

Lipstick: Vive9 Fiore Latte Lips 003

LD  face_009


New Year new luck…

Hello to everyone out there who is reading my blog and needed to wait for such a long long time for some news from me. A happy new year and may all your wishes may come true in 2014. Im so sorry for the delay but some bad health issues kicked me off the road again and i needed to step back from almost everything in RL and SL. Now im better and think i can do some more also for my blog.

For my new post after this long time a have a stunning gown from Mohna Lisa for you. Also a new look of myself and i would really like to read your opinion to it.

A few days before if been asked by StarliteStarbrite Constellation (the GM Manager of Mohna Lisa) if i would like to blog this gown and i said yes before she finished her Message 😉 I love this one and i think its the perfect start in a new time of blogging for me. Thank you alot for asking me and giving me the opportunity to write this post about it.

This gown looks just amazing and give you the opportunity to wear it with or without the scarf over your head. Every lady who wears it will feel like a star on the red carpet with it so its a must have for every fashion victim 🙂

I think you all are waiting to see the pics and so i say: Enough words lets pictures speak 😉 So see you next time and i promise to do more now here for my blog 🙂 Hugs Kell

Mohna Lisa Arianne_002Gown: Arianne Gown red by Mohna Lisa Couture

Bracelet: Hand Chain in Platinum by RYCA

Lipstick: Fiore Latte Lips 003 by Vive9

Hair:  A812 hair (B) in Maroon by Tram

number SEVENTY

Its autum again…

its almost november now and the days become shorter and shorter. We here in germany have actually really nice weather with temperatures over 20°C (68°F) and its almost every day sunny. Leaves are falling, sun is shining its just great and brought me in the mood to do a new blogpost in a nice autum look for these sunny and warm days.

For this outfit i ve put togther parts from some well known designers but also something from 2 smaller but great ones.

I dont wanna harrass you now with big text and lots of words… Here are the pics and the facts below it. Have a great day and fun styling.

Big hugs Kell

Autum 2013_003Jacket: SALT – Biker Jacket

Top: Deetalez – Sheer Cotton Body

Pants: R’icielli – Highwaisted Riding leatherpants

Shoes: BSD – Classic Beaute Heels (group gift)

Shades: Muschi – Brownbee sunglasses

Hair: LOQ – Berryjuice (Light red, leftsided)

Earrings: Mandala – Steking ears

Autum 2013_006



Hello to all my readers and followers. Its now almost one year ago that i have written my last blog post. But no worries im still alive and im back again. Lots of stuff happend in this last year and i became more and more busy in RL so i need to step a bit back from blogging. Some things have changed in my RL and SL so i had to make some decisions and one of it was to take my blogging back for a while but believe me i missed it sooooo much and it was just a question of time till i start again and now my lovely wife (yes we married and im so so happy about it) kicked my ass that i shall start and do some changes on my blog style too. So here we go and i hope you all like it and give me some feedback to it. I think i will tell you all sometimes in the next posts some things what have changed and what happend in this year i was away. Things about me and The Collective… yes we are alive too and work on future projects. Upcoming shows are in teh pipeline and our lineup on models has grown and we have so many very experienced models and some young guns with us now. I think everyone can learn from everyone. So you see we are also prepared for the upcoming fall and winter. Ok now enough from me and what going now we come to my 69th blogpost… To the new start i got the person who kicked my ass to start again to do a new post with me. Angeli ♥ did also the awesome pictures and was the one who gave the idea of the styling. We created a sexy look with new shorts from Kenvie and wanted to bring the LOLAS mesh breasts in this post. I used the LOLAS Tangos (i think almost everyone has heared from them) and Angeli used the new LOLAS Mirage breasts for the her styling. The new ones look more natural and arent that peeky like the older Tangos which look more like beauty surgery ones. You have lots and lots of stores who sell now clothes for the LOLAS breasts and almost every skin designer makes appliers to fit the breasts in the best way to the skin colours and shadows of them. Okay i now let you alone with the pics and as always the Styling of me and a link to Angelis blog for her styling comes after the pictures. Now i wish you all a great rest of the weekend and its so good to be back. huuuuugs Kell


As you all can see Angeli and I decided to start my blogging again with another black and white themed post. New items from Belgravia Cynful and Kenvie (SLFW) are in my outfit. The link to Angelis Blog will you find under the next picture…


Here now the styling of my wife and here the link to her blog where you can find all the facts about it…

Here now the picture of myself and the facts below it.. Have fun styling :*

75bTop: [LF] Le Forme – Insight Top White (With Tango Appliers)

Jacket: Cynful – Shruggable Shrug Black

Pants: Kenvie – Roks High waisted shorts White

Shoes: Belgravia – Slingbacks in patent leather black for Slink feet

Necklace and Earrings: Je sui – Asymetrique grays

Rings: Blushed set for Slink hands


Winter wonderland…

….Later on, we’ll conspire
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we’ve made
Walking in a winter wonderland… *sings*

Okay okay i cant confess slowly i come in winter mood. Its so romantic and relaxing to lay in front of a fireplace and relax with a book a lovely person and a cup of hot choclate or something.

Good before i become more sentimental i will now tell you a few things about my outfit. I was on tour through some stores and found some awesome new ones with great items. I have chosen some winterstuff like a knit sweater and a long skirt. And yes you look right… Kellis got boobs… 🙂  No it was no surgery and no it dont stays. Its the sweater what makes this boobs but its really well made and looks great when you wear it. This sweater is from Kitties liar and the skirt i wear is from Avale. I added hair from Wasabi Pills boots from Kitties Liar and some jewelry from Maxi Gossamer to the styling and made it a bit modern with these items.

I wanna thank Almut Brunswick for her help as i was looking for a nice fireplace to do the photoshoot. Thanks alot 🙂

Now before i leave you all alone with the pics and the facts a little reminder that we, the collective, do our office opening party on friday at our new office from 2 pm. If you are free and have no other plans pls join us and have a cool party with us..

Now enough words here the hard facts… Hugs Kell

Sweater: Knit Sweater – Norwegian MULTITEX by Kitties Liar
Skirt: Bohema Chocolate by Avale
Boots: 7th Street Boots Brown by Kitties Liar
Hair: Amelie Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Night shadow by Wasabi Pills
Ring: Santa Fe ring silver by LaGyo
Bracelet: Bracelet – Tarifa by MG
Earrings: Earrings – Tarifa by MG
Necklace: Necklace – Tarifa by MG


Only fur on the skin…

Now as the days becomes shorter and the temperatures colder i want to present some new outfits out of the winter collections of some great designers. Well known ones and new ones too. Mesh brought lots of new faboulous designers and creative head into our favourite “game” and so its always a big pleasure to teleport through the big world and look for new stuff. Also its always great to click through blogs and see what stylings other people create. So i do it always with Miaa Rebanes blog. God i love hers and she is one of the most creative stylers i know. I love her ideas and stylings really alot. So i took a part out of her latest posts and put it together to my own style. So i dedicate this post to Miaa Rebane and hope we can do a double post soon. 🙂

Okay now i come to the outfit. The part i took out of Miaa’s blog post is the amazing fur coat from Belgravia. It looks just amazing and is in such a great quality. No worries.. Not one little animal had to die for it its only a fake fur 😉 The combination with the Cliffy Pants from Molichino and the Devinat Shoes from JD you have a nice casual outfit for the colder days (maybe add a shirt but it wasnt to warm as i did the shooting 😉 )

Now before i leave you alone with the styling i wanna tell you that you should look at the picture what is after the pictures and facts about the outfit… More to this comes in the next days 😉

big hugs to all of you…..

Coat: Suede VCoat Slate by Belgravia
Pants: Gliffy Pants by Molichino
Shoes: Deviant Shoes (Group Gift) by JD Just Design
Sunglasses: Hipsten Shades by Muschi
Hair: Amelie Mesh Hair – Night shadow by Wasabi Pills
Earrings: Jay Earrings (Gray-Black) by Bens Beauty
Necklace: Jay Necklace (Gray-Black) by Bens Beauty
Ring: Melissa Ring Gray Silver by Bens Beauty

And here now a little preview what will come up and what kept me and Angeli ♥ busy all the last time… more up to come soon…

number SIXTY SIX

Butterflies in wintertime…

After the awesome black dress from GIZZA yesterday now i present another item from the TOW event. This time i have another minidress but a casual one what brings back the summerfeeling in these cold days.

The denim fabric and the printed butterflies make it really summerish. I added wedges from N-Core hair from Wasabi Pills and jewelry from Burroughs to the outfit to bring you the full summerfeeling back.

The TOW event is almost over and i wanna present you tomorrow another last styling of this event. It brought us alot of new clothes and accesories and it told us all Tolerance is the only way… In SL and also in RL.

Here now the styling and the facts.

Dress: Denim butterfly dress mesh by Poison
Lashes: Mesh Lashes Fantasia by Gaeline
Hair: Amelie Mesh Hair – Night shadow by Wasabi Pills
Necklace: Butterfly Necklace by Burroughs
Bangles: Kw Butterfly Bangles
Shoes: ETOILE “Denim Floral” by N-Core